James Wilson Codes


I had a bit of a journey towards software.

I trained as a maths teacher and spent 8 years in the classroom. When my first child was born, I wanted to work part time and became a trade union official.

About this time, I had built a home server to stream torrented films while holding my children and hoping they would sleep. This server soon hosted a game of Freeciv, and I started making little web apps and services. I am still very fond of @freecivlongterm to remind people to take their turns. At that point nobody had told me that you couldn't shouldn't use twitter as a pub-sub solution. It actually worked very well. I suspect it would not have scaled very well, but then it didn'tneed to 😉.

Then I started going to meet ups, and realised that the other people were being paid for my hobby, and set about becoming a web developer.

Since then I've worked, mainly in javascript land, on a variety of projects including:

To complete my nerd credentials, my two main hobbies are:

I don't really do social media, but I do have a linkedIn if you are for some reason, desperate to connect with me on a commercial website.